SANDY Forecast Service: Traffic Forecast


What you can see?

  The graph shows the number of vehicles passing at 15 minute intervals. The light blue curve shows the actual number; the dark blue curve is the forecast. Every week the traffic follows a similar pattern, but it is very well represented by the forecast. Some irregular deflections can be attributed to one-off events, such as weddings with car bodies, vintage car races, etc., which are inherently difficult to predict.
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Quick facts
Description: Traffic forecast, classified by vehicle type Customer benefit: accurate forecast according to traffic volume Time of forecast: 24 hours Granularity: 15 minutes Creation date August 2016 Prerequisite: Access to traffic monitoring data RESTful API

What is it all about?

  You don’t need sophisticated data analysis to recognize a temporal structure in traffic volume. There will be swings for shortly before and after core working hours. However, in order to be able to give a very accurate forecast, more information about the local conditions, which may only be known to residents and long-term commuters, is needed. Even with this broad experience, the exact number of vehicles would be insufficient to estimate. With automatically collected and summed traffic data, this information can be processed in real time and provide real added value for billboard companies, local shop owners, cities and municipalities. In addition to traffic monitoring, we use statistical learning mechanisms to accurately predict the quantity of weather influence or holidays on the number of cars, motorcycles and trucks in a forecast for the next 24 hours.

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