SANDY means solutions


An increasing amount of businesses and municipalities utilize their data to identify potential process optimizations or find solutions for specific tasks. Based on internal and, if necessary, external data we develop customized solutions – fast, scalable and cost efficient. Our team uses our own patented data analytic methods. Ultimately, we deliver an individualized solution, which produces data based decision recommendations to optimize products, services and processes continuously and in real time.

Profit now




Unlike other business consultancies we support a practical approach to ensure data utilization for companies. We develop and advance use cases by putting our customers need in the center of attention, instead of following a purely conceptional strategy that might show its effect in the distant future. Based on already present data, we promptly analyze if and to what extent a big data solution is required. If applicable, we develop a use case and proof its economic viability in practice. A worthwhile approach that is sufficient without extensive financial and personnel expenditure.