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Digitization face companies with a wide range of challenges. We accompany companies on the data-driven part of their journey. We support you with all problems around BigData, Analytics and AI. From consulting to implementation, from the validation of concrete cases to the permanent operational use of your valuable data that is still unused today.

We help you to make smarter decisions, to better control operational processes or to optimize your customer understanding.


Better future prospects

Predictive analytics enables us to look in the future. Whether forecasts for production, demand, consumption or behavior. For example to know the energy demand and energy production of the next few days already today. Or to be able to plan the predictive maintenance of production facilities or to have knowledge of cost trends.

Perspective in real time

Data can generate a variety of values directly at the moment they are generated. Whether in the customer interaction within an application, in the sales talk with the customer or in the real-time monitoring of machines and processes. Our infrastructure enables analyses and forecasts to be carried out in real time and with minimal delay. For example, you can detect critical load peaks, anomalies in production processes or during operation in real time.

Double check driving ahead

The post-event analytics of existing databases form the basis of our products and solutions. For example, customer profiles can be derived for personalized addressing in the customer portal, new systems can be planned on the basis of historical data or pattern recognition can be used to design new product features.


Analytics as a Service

We can operate self-learning analytics and AI  in our infrastructure and offer SLAs on availability and forecasting quality. In addition, we offer ready-to-use services that can be quickly and easily integrated into existing infrastructures as Analytics as a Service.


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