SANDY Forecast Service: Disaggregation Gas

More transparency for your customers

Households equipped with natural gas lack convenient monitoring devices. How much gas has been consumed for heating or hot water preparation? Why did gas consumption grow compared to last year’s bill? Are there any starting points to reduce overconsumption? Gas bills can be confusing and subsequent payments can cause might lead to a supplier change.

A detailed consumption diagnosis with the SANDY “Disaggregation Gas” points out individual influencing facts of your customer’s gas consumption. This way the customer gains a better understanding of the energy demands and resulting costs. Subsequent payments originating from colder than average winters, individual overconsumption, and the possibly small price adjustments can be elucidated in detail. As a consequence offers for energy efficiency products can be made.

Product advantages in detail

The SANDY “Disaggregation Gas” allows a new level of transparency in the annual gas bill, since it will help customers to understand how their personal gas consumption is composed in detail. For instance energy consumption of heating and hot water preparation can be itemized separately. Even personal gas consumption patterns and weather influence are taken into account.


On the one hand this separately itemized bill shows the customers what part of gas consumption costs is in their sphere of influence. On the other hand the energy supply company can create a better understanding of higher costs due to now considered weather or individual consumption.

This detailed transparency leads to a higher customer loyalty, since annual bills are upgraded with valuable information and are more customer-friendly. Also it reduces customer dissatisfaction and switching to a different gas supplier. SANDY “Disaggregation Gas” diagnosis is based on the meter readings over the course of a year.


User scenario

A customer receives his or her annual account statement and has an additional 275 € subsequent payment. The statement is not itemized and the customer has no starting point understanding which factors were leading to additional costs. Since early that year there was a notice of price adjustment for gas, and the customer blames the full additional financial burden on the gas provider and considers a provider change.



It can be clarified in detail, that only a small fraction of the price adjustment is due to the price adjustment thru the provider, exactly 78 € while the remaining 197 € are caused by a cold winter and the individual consumption behavior. Furthermore the customer is informed about the proportion of gas that was used for hot water preparation and how this share has changed. The transparent account statement enables the customer to realize that a majority of the subsequent payment is not due to the price adjustment of the provider and cancels his plans to change providers.

A fantastic addition to SANDY “Disaggregation Gas” is our product “Advance Payment Check for Gas”.

Target audience

 Energy supply company,
Energy sales company

Surplus value for your customer

Additional costs can be assigned to its source, i.e. weather or changed user behavior
Transparency over the composition of gas usage, i.e. heating and hot water preparation
Possibility to acknowledge saving potentials

Surplus value for your company

Intelligent and innovative extension of your products
Lower churn rate, caused by customer insight into increased energy consumption by weather influences and changes in use behavior
Increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty through
Fast, easy and cost-efficient system integration
Flexible scaling with growing customer base
All benefits of “software as a service”, i.e. high availability, automatic updates, no maintenance
No transmission of user sensitive data necessary
High level security by using safe and encrypted interfaces

Technical details

cloud- service
communicates over RESTful API

-meter readings through customer
-(minimum quarterly, recommended: weekly or monthly)
-customers postal code
-historic price development

-heating and hot water preparation proportion of consumption
-Breakdown of change in cost for 1. changes in weather conditions, 2. changing usage pattern (itemized in heating and hot water preparation), 3. price adjustment by gas provider

-encrypted data transfer with HTTPS
-individual authorization API-Key
-steady operation in Microsoft Azure Cloud

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