Automation of purchasing processes with the help of Machine-Learning

Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning can also be used in purchasing processes. In the following example case, which is operated 24/7 by SANDY, we show how exactly this can unfold its effect with a live connection to the SAP system.

The procurement department of a large company processes approx. 10,000 purchases per month via an SAP text input mask. The correct categorization of each order in one of approx. 700 material groups and one of approx. 100 G/L accounts is required for business management and tax recording. Since these two steps of categorization are currently performed manually,  the time-consuming process is to be supported.

Target Group

  • Companies with high data throughput in the purchasing department

    Added values for your company

    • Fast, simple and cost-effective integration into existing systems
    • All advantages of “Software as a Service”, e.g. high availability, automatic updates, no maintenance effort
    • No use of personal data
    • Flexible scaling with growing corporate structure
    • High degree of security due to secured and encrypted interfaces

    SANDY AI Solution

    • Provision of an interface from the SAP system into the SANDY cloud solution
    • During processing in SAP, the purchase order information is sent to the interface. Material group and G/L account are determined automatically and the result is returned, stored in SAP fields, and considered in the further ordering process
    • Learning system: Feedback from the employees is automatically played back and used for continuous improvement of the forecast quality
    • Multi-label classification with little data, but many possible words
    • To achieve fast response times, pre-trained models are stored in RAM, which can be replaced by new models without service interruption
    • Extension of a rigid SAP process with modern machine learning features.

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