Energy distributor

Customer loyalty and churn reduction by providing
consumption forecasts for a discount check

Energy suppliers are faced with the challenge of retaining their customers for as long as possible, because the acquisition of new customers costs time and money. An important customer contact point in customer communication is the annual financial statement. Credit notes or additional payments often decide whether a customer is looking for a new supplier or not.

With the energy check app, “kWhapp”, from Yello, unpleasant back payments are a thing of the past. With one “click”, the meter reading is digitized by means of an OCR meter scanner. With the help of the “advance prepayment check“, the consumption is forecast in less than 50ms until the next annual bill. The forecast functionalities for electricity, gas and heat flow are provided via REST ASAPI.

Based on these forecasts, a comparison is made with the current discount and a proposal for a new discount is made, which can be adjusted if necessary. In this way, additional payments can be avoided, the churn rate is demonstrably reduced and customer satisfaction is increased.

Target Group

  • Energy Management System Developer
  • App and application developers

    Added values for your company

    • intelligent and innovative expansion for your products
    • Quick and easy integration
      all advantages of Software as a Service, e.g. high availability
    • Automatic updates, no maintenance effort
    • Reduction of the churn rate

    SANDY IA Solution

    • Provision of forecast models for electricity, heat flow and gas consumption via REST API
    • Integrated meter reading validation
    • Consideration of postal code specific weather data
    • Anonymization of data according to GDPR
    • Highly scalable cloud infrastructure to take load fluctuations into account and to optimize costs
    • Response time for validation and forecast after calling the functionality on the REST API <50 ms
    • Specification of the forecast quality as an error distribution, which serves as the basis for a recommendation for advance prepayment adjustment
    • Provision of household-specific energy demand forecasts as a basis for the advance prepayment check.

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