SANDY Forecast Service: Traffic velocity


What can you see?

  The graph shows the proportion of moving vehicles to the maximum permitted speed (less or exactly 50km/h, green), a little too fast (between 51km/h and 55km/h yellow) and more than 10 km/h too fast (red). The horizontal axis of the graph is time, the vertical axis the number of vehicles. The plot adds up the last 7 days and predicts the next 24 Hours.  
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Quick facts
  Description: Traffic forecast, classified by vehicle type Customer benefit: accurate forecast according to traffic volume Time of forecast: 24 hours Granularity: 15 minutes Creation date August 2016 Prerequisite: Access to traffic monitoring data RESTful API    

What is it all about?

  This service provides insights into the vehicle speeds of a specific area, broken down into different speed classes. It shows the composition of the last week as well as a forecast of the next 24 Hours.

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