SANDY Forecast Service: Traffic composition


What can you see?


The horizontal axis of the area diagram shows the time, the vertical axis measures the absolute number of passing vehicles. Each color indicates a vehicle type. The bell shape of the curve is due to rush hour traffic. Daily traffic is very similar from Monday to Friday. In the morning, many people use their cars, buses or motorcycles to get to work, school or university. At noon the number of vehicles is temporarily reduced. In most cases a maximum is reached in the afternoon when the office workers finish their work. After the rush hour, the amount of traffic decreases steadily.


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Quick facts
Description: Traffic forecast, classified by vehicle type
Customer benefit: accurate forecast according to traffic volume
Time of forecast: 24 hours
Granularity: 15 minutes
Creation date August 2016
Prerequisite: Access to traffic monitoring data



What is it all about?

This service is a forecast for a restricted area. You get the traffic history of the last weeks and a trend for the next 24 hours. You can also see the traffic composition by vehicle type.


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