SANDY Forecast Service: Load Profils for Specific Customer Groups

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A Standard Load Profile (SLP) is a representative load profile that is used to assess the load profile of an energy consumer without registering performance measurement for a pool of customers. The H0-load profile thereby shows a standard household with its average demand for energy. However, the households in Germany correspond only partially to this standard in detail anymore and result in standard load profiles with deviations of up to 55%, depending on the type of use! With the load profiles for specific customer groups, SANDY provides you with the tools for various households and applications to allow you to plan better and optimize your systems.
Product benefits in detail
The standard load profile for households describes the distribution of the energy consumption for a period of one year. The more households are combined, the more precisely will the actual load correlate with the H0-Load. The standard load profiles are primarily used to estimate future power consumption, such as for the provision of energy in the power supply.   If the goal is to estimate the load for specific customer groups, customers with Photovoltaic systems, for example, the H0-profile is incorrect for this customer group. In cases like this, the SANDY “Load Profils for specific Customer Groups” are more precise because they account for the customer-specific annual consumption and the individual characteristics of the household as well as the present/absent situation and the existence of a Photovoltaic system. This improves the energy usage planning and energy management systems can work more efficiently and thereby significantly increase the economic efficiency of their products.  

Use scenario

In the case of a household with an energy demand of 4,000 kWh/a, the average absolute deviations of the actual loads from the H0-standard load profile for an entire year may be as follows:
actual household with 4,000 kWh, present all day                                          15% actual household with 4,000 kWh, absent in the morning                          30% actual household with 4,000 kWh, present all day and PV system and 1,000 kWh residual current supply                               55% The SANDY load profiles are available for individual annual consumptions of 2,000 kWh/a to 15,000 kWh/a and the presence profiles, present all day, absent all day and present in the afternoon for all postal codes in Germany. The offer includes load profiles that take the existence of a photo-voltaic system into account.
Target group
Energy distributors distribution network Operators energy management system developers manufacturers of battery storage Systems providers of solutions for photovoltaics application developers
Added values for company
better accuracy than with standard load profiles quick and easy integration all of the benefits of “Software as a Service”, for instance high availability, automatic updates, no maintenance expense no transmission of personal data necessary
Technical details
Cloud service Communication via state-of-the-art RESTful API Input: – Load profile category (total annual consumption, presence type and presence of a PV system) – Time period Output: – Load profile for the requested period of time in 15-minute resolution Security: – encrypted data transmission via HTTPS – authorization via individual API key – reliable operation in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

A solution with many capabilities

The product is also well suited for combination with our product SANDY “Photovoltaic Surplus Forecast” for intelligent charging of batteries. Also interesting for households without digital measurements are our “individual household power load profiles” and our service “Photovoltaic Production Forecast”. A customer-specific connection is possible upon request.

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